MAE Seminar – Rhythmic complexity and tension in music

A musical Seminar/Clinic with Yogev Gabay

Organized for the course of “Computer Music Representations and Models” and for the Master Program in Music and Acoustic Engineering

Wed Dec 9, 2020 – 10:15am to 2:15pm

Open to all who register in advance at the following link:

In order to participate, please click on the following link 15 minutes before the seminar begins: (someone will let you in)

Organizer and contact person: Prof. Augusto Sarti,


This clinic intends to offer a new perspective on the language of music from the rhythmic standpoint. Yogev Gabay will cover (with the help of a drum set) various aspects of rhythmic modeling in a wide range of musical genres, from jazz to progressive rock, and will show how rhythms are conceived and formed in the performer’s mind, but also how they are perceived by the listener. Among the topics covered in this seminar are: where music and math collide: rhythm, meter and metric subdivisions; rhythmic perception across genres and cultures; discussion on the role of kick, snare and hi-hat; rethinking time signatures, a divide and conquer approach; composite rhythms, polyrhythms, linear rhythms and illusions (perceptual masking).


Born and raised in Israel, Yogev Gabay is a Berklee College of Music alumni. As a drummer he has played in venues and festivals all over the world including Israel, India, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Russia, Italy, USA and many more. Over the years, Yogev recorded, performed and been a part of numerous albums, EP’s, sessions, singles, tours and more. Yogev is an active player in many genres from Metal (Distorted Harmony, ARP, HAGO), to Jazz (Tigran Hamasyan, Sivan Arbel Septet, Emil Afrasiyab), Electro Pop (SHEER, RINI), Experimental (Kundalini), Funk Pop (Shmemel), World Music (Shiran Avraham, Tamar Shuki) and many more. As a Berklee alumni, Yogev also prepares students for the Berklee audition. Yogev is endorsed by Meinl Cymbals.

MAE Seminar – Rhythmic complexity and tension in music