Pianist Davide Logiri

We are pleased to announce the musical seminar/clinic “Harmonic Complexity and Tension in Music”, which will be held by the renowned jazz pianist Davide Logiri on Wednesday December 2nd from 10:15am to 1:30pm.
The seminar is organized for the course of “Computer Music Representations and Models” and for the Master Program in Music and Acoustic Engineering.
It is open to all who register in advance at the following link:
In order to participate, please click on the following link 15 minutes before the seminar begins: https://politecnicomilano.webex.com/meet/augusto.sarti (someone will let you in)
The organizer and contact person is Prof. Augusto Sarti (email: augusto.sarti@polimi.it)

Pianist Davide Logiri


We will explore what it means to create an enticing musical narration by controlling tension and complexity in harmonic (and rhythmic) progressions. We will also explore the role of musical structure in designing an emotional narration/prosody. We will finally discuss the role of melody in keeping everything together. We will do so in an interactive fashion, while visiting various genres and styles of music.

Davide Logiri

Davide Logiri graduated at the Milano Music Conservatory “G. Verdi”, where he studied cello, piano and composition. While pursuing his degree in classical music studies, he also focused on jazz studies under the guidance of Diego Baiardi, Sante Palumbo, Antonio Faraò, Phil DeGreg, Dan Haerle, e Harold Danko. In 1995 he was ranked “best performer” at the Clinics of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, which granted him the opportunity to perform at Umbria Jazz Winter ’95. This jumpstarted his career as jazz pianist that brought him to perform throughout Europe, Russia, Argentina, Brasil and the USA.

MAE Seminar – Harmonic Complexity and Tension in Music