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The Image and Sound Processing Lab (ISPL) was established in 1993 with the goal of developing advanced Multimedia Signal Processing solutions. Since then, ISPL has gathered a strong expertise in image and video as well as audio and acoustic signal processing. One of the main assets of ISPL lies in the continuous interplay and strong synergy between the areas of image processing and acoustic processing, which helped ISPL establish a leadership in advanced cross-modal and multi-modal processing solutions.

Our team is made of 6 faculties and many post-doc researchers, PhD students, collaborators and other professionals! Come and reach out to us for discovering our research topics and tools!

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New #paper out on @IEEEsps Signal Processing Letters!

Can we leverage the deep features of #NeuralNetworks for improving the reconstruction quality?

Listen to examples: https://polimi-ispl.github.io/speech_reconstruction_embeddings/

Paper here: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9406353

#deeplearning #signalprocessing #audio #polimi

New #paper out!

OccamyPy, a #Python library for solving large-scale inverse problems, has been published on Computers&Geosciences!


#polimi #research #phdlife #pythoncode #optimization

L’ #IA può prevedere che suono produrrà un pezzo di legno una volta trasformato in una tavola di #violino indicando la forma che gli permetterà di emettere il #suono migliore

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