OccamyPy: a python library for inverse problems

We are happy to announce the publication of OccamyPy, a python library for solving small- and large-scale inverse problems!

Codes and tutorials: https://github.com/fpicetti/occamypy

This library has been developed at Stanford University by Ettore Biondi, Guillaume Barnier, Robert Clapp, Stuart Farris and our Francesco Picetti.

The key features are:
 – CPU and GPU vectors operations
 – linear and nonlinear abstract operators, with a number of signal processing operators already implemented (derivatives, convolutions, smoothing)
– from laptops to HPC clusters in one click
 – most common problems already implemented (linear and nonlinear regularized least-squares with preconditioning)
 – state-of-the-art algorithms (CG, LSQR, FISTA, ISTC, SplitBregman, MCMC, L-BFGS, L-BFGS-B, Truncated Newton)
 – a number of utilities for handling runs (stoppers, restart, logging)

You can install it with “pip install occamypy”. Play with the tutorials and let us know!

OccamyPy: a python library for inverse problems